How To Design A Lead Capture Page: 5 Components For Success

One of the most important skills an Internet Marketer can learn is how to design a lead capture page the right way. A lead capture page is a single page focused website that only has one purpose; to capture information and convert your visitors into subscribers of your marketing list. On the technical side of things, all you really need to build your own lead capture page is a web-host (I suggest 1and1), a website building tool (I suggest WYSIWYG Website Builder) and an Auto-responder (I suggest Aweber).

But the goal of my post today isn’t to talk about the “Technical” side of building these small websites. Instead we are going to focus on the 5 components you must include when you design a lead capture page.

Component #1 – A Powerful Headline

The headline is located at the top of your lead capture page website and needs to be intriguing and thought provoking. If you’re headline peaks your visitors interest they will continue reading. If it doesn’t then they probably will leave your website and look for something else.

When writing a great headline it’s important to consider what your target audience is looking for and then craft that headline as though you are speaking to them directly.

Here is an example of a great headline for a person building a “lose weight” lead capture page:

“Discover The Top Secret Formula That Melts Fat Off Your Body In Record Time!”

It is also important to make your headline stand out by using large font size and utilizing the underline, bold and italicize functions on keywords or phrases inside your headline.

Component #2 – The Body

Since the body is an extension of your headline, it’s important that the body of your website expands on the job that your headline started. The written text inside the body should be brief but descriptive. Plus you want to highlight what it is that you are offering and what your subscribers will benefit by leaving their information.

I suggest using bullet points to emphasize key features and benefits of your offer. This helps break down information into small bits that are easier for the reader to digest and understand. You should also keep your paragraphs short and consider underlining, bolding or italicizing important benefits and action phrases. “Fonting Up” your copy will keep your visitors motivated to continue reading and their eyes scanning down the page.

Component #3 – A Call To Action

When you design a lead capture page, the call to action is crucial to increasing your opt-in rates and building your marketing lists. Many marketers make the mistake of assuming the visitor knows what they should do next. Don’t take that chance and instead tell them exactly what they need to do and what they are going to get for doing it. Provide your visitors compelling step by step instructions and consider using arrow graphics or a sub headline directly above the opt-in form.

Here is an example of a call to action for a “lose weight” lead capture page:

“Download A FREE Copy ($29 Value) of the Fat Melting Secret Formula Report Now By Filling Out The Short Form Below!”

Component #4 – Autoresponder Form

Of course you can’t build marketing lists if you don’t have a way to capture your visitors information and this is where an auto-responder comes in. An auto-responder is an essential tool for any online marketer and will give you the ability to create opt-in forms, build databases and follow up with your databases via email marketing.

I recommend using Aweber because they have great customer service, an easy to use control panel and most importantly your emails consistently get delivered. After you setup your Aweber account you will need to create a web form to place on your lead capture page. This is easy to do and you can create web forms that will capture any data you are looking to target (ie, Name, Email, Phone, Mailing Address, etc).

Component #5 – A Privacy Statement

A privacy statement is the last thing you will put on your lead capture page. This is designed to let your visitors know that you will not share, rent or distribute their information. By including this, your visitor will feel more confident about providing you with their email address knowing that they won’t start getting emails from hundreds of different people.

Here is an example of a good privacy statement:

“I respect your privacy and hate spam. Your information is 100% safe and will never be shared, rented or distributed to any third party.“

In closing…

Learning how to design a lead capture page is one of the most important skills you can master as an online entrepreneur. Make sure you focus on keeping your pages simple, and avoid posting any external links or complicated navigation bars. Remember that lead capture page websites should consist of a single page that encourages your visitor to subscribe to your newsletter or list.

How To Build Lead Capture Page Resources:

You need web hosting – I use and suggest 1 and 1
You need a point and click website builder – I use and suggest WYSIWYG Website Builder
You need an auto-responder – I use and suggest Aweber

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