Who is Josh Bradley?

Josh Bradley here with a little info about myself…

I worked my last real job at the age of 21 after discovering my first network marketing business… While I never really made any money during that flagship “venture” it got me hooked on the Internet and the home business lifestyle.

I quickly began to learn about lead generation, affiliate marketing and several other ways to get the Internet to fill my bank account.

After several years of honing my craft I consider myself a killer online marketer, halfway decent guitar player, good husband and a guy who is out to make the world a better place.

I have been truly blessed to live where I want to live, work less, play more and have the money to do the things I like to do. Along with my amazing wife, 2 great mutts, ornery cat and a sketchy bunny I spend most of my time enjoying the backwoods of Idaho.

My blog is designed to share my concepts, ideas and suggestions with the world and I hope it helps you along with your own journey.

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